Don’t tell me quilting isn’t out there!

Who do you want to look at first, me or Rick Grimes?  OK Rick wins…..

I saw this at the Quilt Expo on Saturday, everybody loves a bit of Rick.  Rick should be closely followed by a bit of Daryl but instead you have a bit of me (and a bit of Wendy).  We look like we are both sporting a fine, new set of dentures and that my forehead is trying out as an extra on a Mr Sheen advert (he used to shine umpteen things clean but doesn’t seem to be as busy these days). The Spring quilt expo was small, with only half the hall filled.  It was also ominously quiet, which was great for us punters as we could get to all the stalls, but if you were a vendor not so great.  The lighting at these shows is always poor but it was particularly bad in the area set aside for quilt displays.  It proved impossible to capture an image without a handy shadow from the overhead scaffolding. I managed to get the last place on a quilting workshop and found it really useful.  The advice given was contrary to everything I had ever been told previously and really made a difference. I may also have found the time to make some (ahem) purchases.  Remember, what happens at expo, stays at expo. Sadly I only discovered the charity stall at the end of the day, when my purse was bare.  I made a three bean soup to take for lunch as less money spent on food equals more money to spend on fabric (she who dies with the biggest stash wins). I discovered that it is possible to soak beans overnight,cook beans for several hours, rest overnight, cook ’em again and for them to still be ‘al dente’ and that a milk bottle swaddled in a hamster pelt would have kept the soup warmer than my new flask.  

On the Maruice front I found him on the sofa using his mouth and snout to move a blanket into an acceptable position, I thought “Oh bless, look at the little man making his bed” when what he was actually doing was crafting some form of mausoleum for a dead starling using a fine angora blanket.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t tell me quilting isn’t out there!

  1. Okay, if I am run over by a bus tomorrow (highly unlikely as we get no buses around here) then I win the biggest stash by a country mile!

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