You know it’s a big rat when you have to brake…..

Alice Eva returned from her Italian trip with pasta and limoncello for mamma (don’t feel too warm about it as I gave her the pesos before she left). The poor souls flew out of Heathrow last Monday during the storms. Meanwhile Mr W has been organising the first born’s move to his new official residence.  Apparently it would be a good thing if we went down to clean it for him. Apparently I think Ben should now be doing his own cleaning!!

We have taken advantage of the child free time to go out and about, Mr W has been squiring me about the town. We went to watch Dad’s army at the picturehouse and were excited to be warned at the start of the film that it contained ‘mild innuendo’. This got me thinking – what do people prefer – some mild innuendo or a little double entendres?  I also did some more work on Al’s quilt, Larry has been helping me sew the ends in. We had a lovely meal at the King Alfs on Saturday evening. On the way home a bunny ran in front of the car – lovely…… and then a HUGE rat.  You know it’s a big one when you brake to let it pass, thus avoiding damage to the paintwork.   We have been going through the loft. This mostly consists of Andrew getting boxes down then jumping from foot to foot, whilst shouting “hurry up, hurry up” (as the storage place shuts at 3pm on Saturdays).  It’s not easy to go through precious memories, that have not seen the light of day since the last millennium, whilst someone is shouting “hurry up, hurry up”. I’ve also just discovered I’ve  married someone who doesn’t know what layette means.  At what point during my preparation of handmade layette for my babies (many moons ago) did Mr W let me know that he was unclear as to the meaning of the term? This is worrying as he’s easily the most educated in the family.  A lady from Tulsa who designs clothes and models lingerie has admired my layette on Instagram-which is nice.

Look at this picture of some hotties from the last century I found in the loft. 

This is a rather scattered and odd post (more odd than usual) as I was stuck by a bug that required the use of a bucket. That’s possibly the one time that having a small bathroom is a good thing, you can reach all the facilities whilst using the facilities.  Unfortunately first Ben and then Andrew were struck down, I was just about at the point of painting a cross on the front door.  Alice remained untouched and avoided coming home as much as possible. Maurice hasn’t needed a bucket, he has however ‘passed’ a large chunk of wood.  I suppose if you are very hungry, have very short legs and may be bored then the kindling basket must look like a good place to have a snack. Possibly I could feed him large pieces of wood and he could produce tiny versions of those Swedish moulded log thingies.

Lesser SAAB male part 2

Lawd, he’s been at it again – see exhibit b……  

Mr W purchased a special shelf to put his model SAABs on (I’ve managed to say that without laughing). Unfortunately his DIY erm skills left the shelf on a tilt and his cars kept rolling off (can’t say that without laughing). I suggested he may wish to take the shelf down and have another go, Geraldine suggested he should be putting the handbrakes on as he is parking the cars on a hill. Mr W would not admit defeat however and simply found another use for the shelf. 

This has been a mixed week.  It is a year since we lost Sue, a very special lady and then there was no more Terry Wogan.  Sir Michael Terence ‘Terry’ Wogan, Order of the British Empire, Knight of the British Empire, Deputy Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, Freeman of Limerick, Honorary Doctor of Laws of the University of Limerick passed away surrounded by his family.  Terry has always been a part of my life; he was the only person to make the Eurovision interesting, his wit and scathing commentary were the only reason I watched it.  ‘Children in need’ brings back fond memories of manning (womanning) the phone lines at the regional centre and always having to explain that Terry wasn’t sat at the side of me and I couldn’t sell his tie, cue cards or underpants. I had forgotten how much he made me laugh in the morning on the school and work run.  Quite often laughing until I cried and looking around (at the traffic lights in Bridgwater) and realising that the other drivers were laughing too.

Farewell to the togmeister – see you later alligator.