It’s raining men.

Actually it’s snowing snowmen. Here are my first batch of snowmen -bound for the Children’s Hospice South West.  I hope to get some more deliciously Tilda things completed this weekend but sometimes life is too short to stuff a Santa’s leg.  


Gratuitous dachshund photo

It’s been a busy week so whilst I’ve been doing extra days at work the boys in the family have had some downtime together.  Al is usually at college/work/James’ and Ben has been flat hunting (apparently  I cannot have Ben’s room as a sewing room when he moves out as THE drum kit will still be living here).

The chaps took a jaunt together yesterday along the canal. Maurice is sporting his new harness, however I am unsure what apparel adorned Mr W.

Clare is home from Spain for a while so we’re off to town today as she has a couple of interviews lined up.  I may possibly have a deliciously long unimpeded trawl of TKMaxx and come home with things I never knew I needed and wanted.  I’m pleased to announce that I am now able to visit without purchasing cushions or candles .  

Fishermen & Loop

Yesterday the Williams family descended upon the capital.  We left Somerset at lunchtime and managed to fit a lot in.


I worked on my bump bag to pass the time and am nearly at the end of the second side so just the gusset to go.  Does anyone else approach the word ‘gusset’ with caution (or even gussets themselves)? 


It wasn’t the most spectacular of weather and the driving conditions slowed us down a little. Mr W was kept alert by a steady supply of Cadbury’s chocolate eclairs.  Don’t get me started on what our American cousins have done to Dairy Milk and Cadbury’s in general.  We arrived in Islington at 3.30pm giving ample time for a wander to Camden Passage.

Shock horror there was a yarn store, who would have thought it……..? There should be a photo of me trying to look surprised.  It is a proven fact if you drop me in a strange town I can find my way to Seasalt or a yarn store on autopilot; drop me in Clark’s Village and I can get to Seasalt blindfolded.

I went through there like a rat up a drain pipe whilst everyone else in the party stood outside stamping their feet, sighing and looking pointedly at their watches. I think 25 minutes is a record (after all there are two floors).

We ate at a very mediocre restaurant. I thought I’d ordered lamb curry when in fact I appeared to have ordered a dish called ‘hunt the lamb’. I think I won as I just managed to make out the three (!) tiny pieces of lamb that were so small that they would have been intimidated by an oxo cube.

Then we ambled down to Union Chapel at Islington to watch the Fisherman’s Friends who were excellent. It is a great venue but you definitely need to take cushions.  The boys gave a shout out to Bridgwater and weirdly the assistant that served us in Space NK came from Durleigh.


I touched an actual genuine Friend and he spoke to me, I may never wash again. It was a long journey home, I partook in snoring, Mr W partook of coffee and red bull and we rolled into bed at 2.15am.  Grateful  thanks to my sister Nic who ‘borrowed’ Maurice and dropped him back at night.  The Bowey family had a great time with Monsieur M with the exception of their cats who may never attempt to use the cat flap again.

Jam and tonic

Well strictly speaking it would be marmalade and tonic.  Had a cheeky glass of mother’s ruin and tonic yesterday evening after work and then decided to make marmalade for Mr W.  Fortunately the emergency services/A & E did not have to get involved and surprisingly all went well considering the combination of boiling and gin drinking.